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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Shipping ceramics can be quite tricky, but I am taking all of the steps and precautions to make sure your pieces make it to you safe and in one piece without breaking the bank. 



I have tried to pick out some more eco-friendly packaging options, including corrugated paper wrap, biodegradable Packing peanuts and eco-friendly air pillows. I will try to use the most minimum amount of packaging while still keeping each product safe throughout the shipping process. 



Shipping will happen through USPS, either priority mail or standard shipping depending on the size and quantity of the order, a flat fee of $10 will be applied to pay for the shipping of your purchase. 


If you find an issue due to the shipping of your item please contact me directly at 

Local Delivery

Depending on the address you order from you may qualify for local delivery, if you chose this option I will personally deliver your order free of extra shipping fees, this may be a good option if you qualify as I will have greater control over the conditions of the shipment and therefor the safety of your pieces. Once again if you have any questions about this shipment options please contact me directly through email.


My shipping and Packaging policy is subject to change at any time

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